ZoomaRun Annapolis June 2017: Race with Benefits

Maybe not the most perfect race finish pic, but this is what running and friendships is all about.

So. . . five years ago, I was introduced to the ZoomaRun Women’s Race Series by a friend in my neighborhood.  That Saturday morning, back in June of 2012, I raced my first 10k after returning to running at the age of 37.  You see-back in high school I had been a sprinter, then went off to college and didn’t run competitively.  Life continued on, after college, I became a teacher, got married and then mom life happened.  At the age of 37, a year after an “ovarian cancer” diagnosis, that thankfully turned out to be wrong, I decided to start running again.  My Redhead (daughter) was eleven years old and I was starting to put a little more focus on “me time” back in my life.  

Over the last five years, I have run the ZoomaRun Annapolis Race five times.  I have run the 10k course three times and the half marathon course twice.  The weather in Annapolis, the first weekend of June, tends to run a bit warm and humid.  It is nice to have the option of running the 10k, the half marathon or the 5k.  Why do I run the same race year after year, in the same location?   I know some runners only run one race once, they don’t return to the same race, again and again, year after year.  

So. . . Why race the same course, in the same location year after year?

Well, some years it has been about going for a new PR on the same course.  Returning to conquer the heat, hills and humidity of the year before, but really-with the Zooma Run Annapolis Race weekend , it is so much more than the race.  For me, this particular Women’s Race Series has given me intangible benefits.  

The Intangible Benefits- 

Zooma Run races have built friendships for me. I love gathering with women for the weekend to chat and share our running and non running lives.

These two awesome runners-now “forever” friends.

The saying- “Running Friends” make the “Best Friends” is so true!  In 2013 I met Lisa-Lisa Runs For Cupcakes and in 2014, I met Colleen- Live Free and Run.  I have now been friends with these two amazing ladies for over four years! Each June, Zooma Run Annapolis has been a weekend of running, catching up and celebrating the happenings in our lives!  It’s become an Annual Tradition in our running lives!

ZoomaRun Women’s Race Series-  How many race series can create an atmosphere and opportunity to come back and gather year after year, not only to enjoy a beautiful race course, but celebrate running accomplishments and friendships.  Over the years, I have loved meeting up with some incredible women and forming lasting connections.  Each June, in Annapolis, during the ZoomaRun race weekend, I have looked forward to seeing familiar faces and sharing the race weekend with these special ladies!  ( Sue-ThisMamaRunsforCupcakesCourtney-EatPrayRunDCCynthia-YouSignedUpForWhat, Mar-MarOntheRun  and Kathryn-DancingToRunning )

Many of these ladies, including myself, have returned to run ZoomaRun races year after year, as race Ambassadors for ZoomaRun.   “AMBASSADORS-a group of inspiring women we are proud to call friends.”– ZoomaRun

Zooma Annapolis Race Ambassadors-2017

(The Ambassadors sporting some gifted headbands from Bondi Band )

Race Weekend Benefits- ZoomaRun Women’s Races

  • Many of us have stayed at the same Host Race hotel for Annapolis- Loews Annapolis Hotel, a beautiful hotel that is about a mile from the start and finish of the race!  
  • Friday night packet pick-up at the Host hotel and time to shop the vendors and enjoy the some pre-race dinner and drinks-just a few drinks.  
  • Spend hours the night before-chatting, drinking and eating -then go to bed knowing that we will all be crawling out of the bed the next morning as the sun comes up, to run all the miles!
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Gathering for drinks and tons of chatting!
  • Race morning and running the miles-love that we can all gather for this weekend and regardless of race distance or pace, we all cheer, encourage and celebrate each other’s finish!  This past June 2017, I ran the 10k and during the last two or three hilly miles, Courtney and Colleen pushed me through the tough miles and encourage me to finish the race strong!

ZoomaRun creates opportunities for women runners of all levels to come together! This year, having this opportunity to return as a ZoomaRun ambassador was inspiring and motivating!  I met women who show strength and determination through running and varied lifestyles! ZooMANation is women who motivate, challenge and engage other women runners!

Why ZoomaRun?

I really want to highlight the reasons that I keep running Zooma! Over the last several years I’ve run Annapolis many times! I’ve also followed ZoomaRun to Cape Cod! Each year ZoomaRun races return to some favorite race locations and add new ones! Checkout the ZoomaRun RaceCations here-Zoom Run Races

Thoughts on ZoomaRun and What Keeps Me Running with ZOOMANation:

  • Beautiful, scenic courses in gorgeous host towns and cities
  • Relaxing and luxurious host hotels
    ZoomaRun Women’s Race Series is all about inspiring women, supporting women and developing relationships with women owned companies! Through ZoomaRun I’ve had the opportunity to network with other women and form some lasting friendships with fellow runners/bloggers! 

ZoomaRun Partners with Women Owned Companies! Empowering and Uplifting Women:

  • Another Mother Runner
  • Every Mother Counts
    Over the years, I’ve watched ZoomaRun continually reflect on and strive to improve the race experience for all women.  ZoomaRun continues to network, engage and form relationships with women through races and social media.

The ZooomaRun Women’s Race Series is more than just running a 5k, 10k or half marathon! It’s about continuing to encourage and promote a healthy and active lifestyle for women.

Have you ever run a Zooma Run Race?  Is there a race that you return to run each year?   

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