Motherhood and Running Lately, Bittersweet

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     Just when you might think. . . the older your child (children) gets, the less they’ll need you, simply not true.  The difference may be that your child doesn’t always realize or want to admit that they need you.  

     This has been a bittersweet year for me-my Redhead is 16 years old. Time goes too fast. Running for me in April was’t the mileage I wanted, but I had to be more present in my Redhead’s day to day stuff. The teen years are a whole other phase. Just when you think your kids will need you less, with them not even realizing it, sometimes they need you more.

Happy Sweet 16 to My Redhead

     I had to take a few steps back from my own running and be more present and available over the last few months in my Redhead’s life.  The teen years can be crazy, stressful and bittersweet.  You know you have to let your child flutter, find their wings and soar, but the flight is sometimes bumpy and they need a co-pilot to guide them along the way.

       My Redhead has run indoor/outdoor high school track for the last two years now.  She’s a strong, fast and talented runner.  Over the years, I have watched her grow and excel at the sport.  The months of April and May were spent doing daily, weekly track practice pick ups, once a week track meets, followed by an all day track meet almost every Saturday.  I happily and proudly cheered on my Redhead and her teammates.  In fact, my Redhead and her teammates ran their way to the State meet on the 4×100 meter, 4×200 meter and 4×400 meter relays.  

     Along the way, I helped my Redhead recover from her first boyfriend break-up, the flu, a bruised foot and other trials and tribulations that occur throughout the teenage years.  It was during this time that I felt my running take a “back seat”.  Some days, running helped me release stress and worry (you never stop worrying) other days, I knew I had to be home and present.  Running will always be that constant, dependable thread in my life, I knew during those moments that the miles would be there, the roads, trails and even the treadmill would be waiting, but these moments with my Redhead were passing too quickly.  

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     That’s the beauty of running, for me, the miles are there to lean on and help strengthen me.  Sometimes, those miles strengthen -not just my mind and body for racing, but for life and all it’s crazy, stressful and unsure moments when you really need to dig deep.   This past year, I really had to dig deep and take a deep breath, as I watched my Redhead grow up.  She has so many miles ahead of her and I want to be there for the whole journey.  

So Proud of My Redhead-State Track Meet


How do you balance running and motherhood?  Is there always a perfect balance?  


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