Weekly Reflections: Life and Running

Reflect: Live, Run and Celebrate

Our weeks are full of so many activities.  Activities that include running, training and all things life.  My week runs from Sunday to Sunday.  Yup, I work best on a seven day cycle of trying to balance, manage and fit most things in to a sometimes, crazy hectic week!  By the time Sunday rolls around, I have had a full week!  Sundays are my day to rest, relax, clear my head, but at the same time, reflect on the week.  

Reflect: Take the time to look back on the week.  Focus on what went right, things to love and what’s next!  

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This week of running ended on a strong note after a two week hiatus from running due to the nasty flu.  The flu had me down for the count for almost a week, then it took me a few days to build up my strength again and get back into running.  It’s important to listen to your body and take it easy as you return to training after a sickness like the flu.  

Saturday, February 25th- The weather was warm and humid, so this probably wasn’t the best day to return to running after the flu.  I just did an easy 4 mile run.  I felt sluggish, but it felt good to get in those few miles after days and days in bed! 

Easy miles with my little four-legged running buddy!

Sunday February 26th- Okay, so lately the weather has been wicked moody!  This 6 mile run felt so much better in the much cooler temps from the previous day.  As I eased back into running, I just focused on running familiar routes.  I didn’t focus on watching the pace on my watch.  

6 happy miles in cooler temps

Tuesday February 28th- Wow, where did the month of February go??  I was able to squeeze in a great speed workout, before heading out to tutor a student that evening after teaching!  

Track Tuesday-On the Road: 1 mile warm up, followed up with four 400s on the road.  I jogged 400s in between and then did a .5 mile cool down jog home. 

Total mileage: 3.5 miles

Wednesday and Thursday- Wednesdays are busy with teaching, track practice pick up and tutoring two students.  This is my midweek rest day.  Thursday is usually a scheduled run day, but that didn’t happen this week due to a later than normal evening of track practice pick up and supper! 

  • 30 minute strength and core session on Thursday- side planks with clamshells, monster walks with resistance band, stability ball pikes, squats and push ups

Friday March 3rd- Winter temps returned!  I was able to get out the door after work for a 5.5 mile run.  I took this run easy because I knew I would be doing my double digit long run on Saturday! Ending my work week with any miles is a great way to unwind after a busy week!

Back to Winter Running

Saturday March 4th- I dropped off my daughter at the local high school for her two hour track practice.  Outdoor track season has started!! I knew while she was at practice that I would get my long run done!  

After a breakfast that morning of oatmeal and almond butter toast- I was ready to pull on the layers and head out for my run.  I planned on ten hilly miles through town.  I just wanted to maintain a solid pace of 9:00 to 9:30 miles.  

Cold and Hilly Ten Miler

Warm and Cozy in my Spandits Thermal Tights and Beanie I love these tights and beanie!  


Celebrated 29 miles total for a 7 day training cycle.  These are the kind of weeks that make me excited and motivated!  Those weeks where training clicks and you feel accomplished! Yes!  It is not easy every week to fit everything in to schedules, but when everything comes together- It. Just. Feels. Good!

Things to Love and What’s Next! 

The weather on Saturday’s long run was cold and windy!  I was happy to recover and relax that afternoon in my RunFar Embrace the Hill warm and coy sweatshirt and Skins Compression Leggings

Relax and Recover!

Weekends were made for long runs and warm banana bread! Yummy! 

This recipe from Stonyfield for banana bread did not disappoint!  It was easy to whip up with quality ingredients from great companies!  I love using products from companies that “Make a Difference” in communities and have a positive impact on the environment!  Stonyfield, King Arthur Flour, Pete and Gerry’s Eggs are part of the B Corps – These are products that always staples in my kitchen! 

“Individually, B Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems.” –Why B Corps Matter

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Amazon Fresh – Taking one thing out of my busy schedule helps me fit in more time at home to run and get other things done!  Who has time to go the grocery store every week?  I have always loved planning and shopping ahead for weeks at a time!  I have been loving ordering from Amazon Fresh (About) 

  • one click ordering
  • fresh, frozen and refrigerated items
  • my favorite organic brands
  • free delivery to my house 
  • save time and money-prices are similar or better to Target and other supermarkets! 
  • I can shop and order groceries in 10 minutes!

What’s Next-the Week Ahead!  

On my mind this week is continuing the momentum with training.  My mileage is creeping up again into the 30 miles a week range. Those miles work for me, I feel strong, confident and capable!  

  • Oh yeah!  I am running the Run Rock and Roll DC Half marathon this coming Saturday, March 11th!  My good friend, Colleen from Live Free and Run
  • Any more snow in the forecast?  We Shall See! 

How is your week of training going?

Does the company and its impact on the community and environment matter to you when purchasing products? 

Have you used or considered using “Grocery Delivery” services? 

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