Finding Ambition on the Run

Fiery Sunset Run

Ambition-the desire and determination that fills the miles of every run.  Every run, short or long, has within each mile,  the very essence of what defines ambition.  Some days, ambition may seem elusive in the first mile or sprint on the track, but if we hold on through the rough start, then ambition emerges. 

Ambition on the run is found: 

-Those early morning runs, before the sun rises and the air is cold, sometimes freezing.  Running those cold, dark miles even when the idea of staying under those warm bed covers seemed more inviting

-Or perhaps, ambition is found while out on the run, after a long day and all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a good book, glass of wine or cold beer. The miles run as the sun is setting and your losing daylight.  Out there putting in the miles whether the sun is rising or setting

Ambition is that resolve and zeal to conquer the workout or go after the tough, uncomfortable runs

-Ambition is letting go of the fear of failure and chasing after the impossible and catching the big possibilities.  Testing yourself and going beyond what you  thought wasn’t possible.  The resolve and fortitude to train hard.

-Through setting goals and training with purpose and intention, runners find ambition.  It’s found in the ability to be flexible, adjust and balance life, while creating time for the training which leads runners to the finish line.  

-Ambition is found on the run on the crest of each hill.  On tired legs and fiery lungs, ambition is found.

Ambition on the Run-Runners Possess the Strong Desire to Achieve- MaineGirl2Runs

Where do you find your ambition on the run?

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  1. I find it from others… Not talking about elites like Meb and Shalene, although they are great. I’m talking about all the other everyday runners who set a goal and reach it. Whether it’s a first time 5k’er, or a person shooting for their first sub 2:00 half, or their first BQ, etc. Every runner has goals, not matter how fast and how far they may be, and they all require an effort and dedication based on their own ability and life-balance. It’s inspiring and makes me ambitious when I see others reach their own unique goal. It makes me think that I can make my next goal too!

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