5 Spring Races: See Where I’m Racing!

What Finish Lines are You Chasing this Spring?

How does one carefully plan and choose races to add to the calendar?!  There are always so many exciting and challenging races to choose from, but not enough time or money to do them all!  Anyway, here are some races I have lined up for March, April and May.

Choices, Choices-See Which Races Made the Calendar


5 Fun and Scenic Spring Races!!

March 25th, 2017 – On the Run Half Marathon in Old Orchard Beach, Maine

This half marathon takes me along the coast and down roads where I grew up! It’s a flat, fast scenic course!!

April 2nd, 2017– Cherry Pit Ten Miler  a great alternative to the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Ten miler!!  The race is located in Annapolis, Maryland!  It’s also a less crowded race and the cost is cheap!!

April 8th, 2017-  Hospice 10k  This race is one of my local favorites!!  I ran a PR on this course last spring, despite some hills!!  It is in the heart of Leonardtown, Maryland

April 30th, 2017- Yikes!  The day after my 42nd Birthday!!  NorthFace Half Marathon   This should be a fun, but challenging race!!  It’s run along the Potomac Heritage Trail in Virginia!!   Check out the Course Here!

May 21st, 2017- Sugar Loaf 15k   Quoted as “potentially, the fastest 15k in New England”  The location is the stunning Carrabassett Valley, Maine!  

So excited for a fun, challenging and scenic spring racing season!!  Four out the five races are “new to me” races!!

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Where are you racing this spring?  What finish lines are you crossing this spring? 


Race Calendar Planning-Decisions, Decisions!

Checklist for Planning for the Racing Season
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So much to consider when planning and organizing for the racing season! 

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to organizing and planning for the racing season there seems to be so much to consider.  The racing season is full of excitement and expectations!  Months are spent training in the pursuit of goals!  So, of course you want to create the most efficient and achievable race calendar that will leave you feeling accomplished and fulfilled.

Decisions, Decisions-Consider these Items When Planning Your Race Calendar! 

  • How far ahead should you plan out your racing season?  3 months, 6 months or a full year?  I am cautious when it comes to planning out my races and paying for too many races upfront!  Life happens and family obligations, injuries and other things can disrupt the race schedule.  I prefer to plan out my calendar for 3-4 months at a time.  I also consider the purpose and intention of my training cycles in regards to my goal race distance!
  • Location, Location!  How far are you wanting/willing to travel for races? Are you wanting race through a scenic country side, roads along the coast or through the city streets?   Consider area hotels, travel time and how these logistics will effect you on race day.  Depending on the distance of races from home, you will need to think about traveling by air plane, car or train.  The amount of travel leading up to race day can impact your rest and focus before the race.
  • Terrain for Racing and the Course?  Be sure when planning your race calendar that you research the course terrain and elevation maps.    Will the course be completely flat or rolling hills?  Also, find out whether the course is completely paved, dirt trails or a combination of both.  You want to be prepared ahead of time. Two other things to consider is whether or not the course is an “out and back” or “point- to -point”.  These logistics can effect spectator locations, parking and arrival before the race.  
  • Weather/Climate – As I plan my race calendar, I think about the location and distance of my races and the weather.  I race shorter distances in the summer months in places where there is heat and humidity.  I save my longer distances for either a cooler time of year or for a location that has typically cooler/colder weather.  Weather can be a factor when it comes to training for a particular race, you must consider the type of conditions that you will be racing in on race day.  Weather can be unpredictable, but keep in mind the weather/climate that works best for you and prepare ahead of time during training season. Go for some runs in the rain, embrace the hot/sweaty runs and love the cold days too! 
  • How Many Races?  Goal Race Versus Smaller Races- When planning my races, I consider my goal race.  My goal race is that ultimate conclusion to a training cycle, all those months of preparation and hard work that go into pursuing a goal time for a specific distance.  Racing distances also play a factor in how many races I place on my calendar.  It’s a matter of choosing shorter distance and racing more often or focusing on two or three longer distances and planing for less races on the calendar. Whether you are training for a 5k, 10k, 13.1 or 26.2 race, depends on how many races you organize in a season!  One idea to consider is planning your goal race distance, then focusing on adding in a few other races as tune-ups.

And Remember!  Enjoy the process, focus on your training and love the journey to the races.  Stay focused, train hard and celebrate at the races! 

What’s On Your Racing Calendar?  Any tips when organizing and Planning?

Finding Ambition on the Run

Fiery Sunset Run

Ambition-the desire and determination that fills the miles of every run.  Every run, short or long, has within each mile,  the very essence of what defines ambition.  Some days, ambition may seem elusive in the first mile or sprint on the track, but if we hold on through the rough start, then ambition emerges. 

Ambition on the run is found: 

-Those early morning runs, before the sun rises and the air is cold, sometimes freezing.  Running those cold, dark miles even when the idea of staying under those warm bed covers seemed more inviting

-Or perhaps, ambition is found while out on the run, after a long day and all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a good book, glass of wine or cold beer. The miles run as the sun is setting and your losing daylight.  Out there putting in the miles whether the sun is rising or setting

Ambition is that resolve and zeal to conquer the workout or go after the tough, uncomfortable runs

-Ambition is letting go of the fear of failure and chasing after the impossible and catching the big possibilities.  Testing yourself and going beyond what you  thought wasn’t possible.  The resolve and fortitude to train hard.

-Through setting goals and training with purpose and intention, runners find ambition.  It’s found in the ability to be flexible, adjust and balance life, while creating time for the training which leads runners to the finish line.  

-Ambition is found on the run on the crest of each hill.  On tired legs and fiery lungs, ambition is found.

Ambition on the Run-Runners Possess the Strong Desire to Achieve- MaineGirl2Runs

Where do you find your ambition on the run?

Savory Winter Vegetable Soup

Savory and nourishing vegetable soup!

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There’s nothing quite as comforting as a piping hot bowl of soup to take the chill off cold days.  I love this soup I created to warm up with after a cold, winter run!  It is full of anti-inflammatory ingredients, like fresh chopped turmeric and garlic! This is a great, nondairy, gluten free hearty soup!

Enjoy this recipe found Here-Savory and Healing Winter Soup


5 Healthy Tips for the New Year


Fit and Healthy- These are the two goals I am striving to maintain this year.  Fit and healthy will lead to stronger and sustainable running.  Ultimately, running is something that I want to continue doing well into my 50s and beyond!  Prioritizing what works for my health will help me reach my goals as a runner.

5 Fit and Healthy Tips

  1.  Yoga is a great way to improve balance, flexibility and strength!  Run. Run, Run,-Why can’t I just run and run?!  Over the years, I have come to realize, through minor injuries and set backs, that I must incorporate various fitness activities into my running routine.  Yoga is something that I can do at home or at a studio.
  • I recently had a chance to take a Yin Yoga Class  at the Freeport Yoga Company I learned that this type of yoga promotes stimulation of the connective tissues or fascia in our bodies.  As we age, it is important to maintain flexibility of the connective tissue by practicing deep stretches and staying hydrating!

2. Eat More Fish!  This is a great  protein to support health and recovery of muscles! Fish is a great source of Omega3s, vital to the health of runners!  I recently read this article on the many benefits of eating more fish, which include improved joint health and anti-inflammatory properties!

  • I have incorporated more fish into my weekly, monthly diet by taking advantage of this great seafood delivery service for more than two years now!  Salmon, cod, and haddock are three of my faves!  This company delivers conveniently, individually frozen fish to your door!  In less than 30 minute I am able to prepare a meal with Omega3 rich fish!  Try out SizzleFish today!!

3.  Food Prep- Okay, this may seem simple and basic and it really is, but taking the time to prepare food from scratch can have huge benefits on your health!  Cut out the prepackaged, processed junk and focus on just eating real food!

Tips for Food Prep!  Freezer bags are your friend!!

  • soak, cook and freeze various types of beans!
  • Prepare, bake and freeze healthy muffins!
  • Rice and quinoa also freeze well!
  • Stock up on recipes for Overnight Oats for breakfast and Hearty Soups for lunch and supper!
  • Capitalize on seasonal produce and roast fall veggies to toss in the fridge!
  • One of my older posts on Meal Prep/Planning Found Here

4. Invest In Your Health-Get your Blood Work Analyzed! Twice this year, I gotten a thorough blood work analysis through Inside Tracker a company that helps athletes dig deeper into their health through analyzing a number of key biomarkers in their blood!  The tests offer a more in-depth look at what our bodies need, as oppose to the basic, sometimes vague blood work done at a general practitioner’s office.  I wrote about my previous blood work analysis here

  • Optimizing nutritional needs based on results
  • Adjusting workouts and training to better meet the needs of our bodies
  • Takes the guess work out of what foods to eat and which supplements are necessary for our body’s best performance!
  • The Inside Tracker Dashboard can guide you in setting goals for your health and training!

5. Mental Health– Just as important as physical health!  This coming year, I am taking a “step back” each day/night from all the stresses of the day.  It is important to incorporate ways to relax and de-stress! Remember to find time for quiet peace, clarity and reflection.

  • Turn off the tv, cell phones and social media for some time each day
  • Keep a written journal and write to unwind and reflect
  • Celebrate the little things each day that bring you joy!  Remember to just breathe and exhale!

Cheers to a Fit and Healthy New Year!!  Find Ways to be your best self! -MaineGirl2RUNS

What are your fit and healthy tips?  Would love to hear your tips!

Running and Life: New Year, New Chapter


This year I choose to . . . 

  • Reflect– If we are willing to stop, analyze and reflect on where we have been, then we can use those moments to gain perspective and move forward.  Reflect on what went right, but also be open to opportunities to adjust or change things that didn’t work.  Our ability to reflect allows for an innate awareness of ourselves that will lead to personal growth in running and life. Each day, week, and month, setting aside time to reflect and learn from ourselves.

“A journey, I reflected, is of no merit unless it has tested you.”
Tahir Shah, In Search of King Solomon’s Mines

  • Celebrate–  Be good to yourself.  Stop and celebrate the small achievements, instead of waiting for what you think might be the biggest achievement.  Celebrate the tiny steps that we take each day to change and improve in running and life.  These moments are far too often overlooked because they mean seem small or insignificant.  It’s refreshing to celebrate each step in the direction we take to train hard, race strong, and live life well.  Encourage and celebrate the achievements and success of others.  There is unmistakable power and strength when we celebrate not only ourselves, but others around us.


  • Aspire- Each new year is another chapter in this book of life.  The pages are blank, waiting to be filled with new hopes, dreams and adventures.  We have this great big opportunity to set new goals, goals that will make us stronger, more capable and confident.  Our goals don’t have to be huge, lofty out of reach goals, just focus on the series of steps that will bring us closer to empowerment and success in running and life.  Our goals should give us pride and accomplishment upon achieving that goal.

Discover a purpose that gives you passion. Develop a plan that makes you persistent. Design a preparation and motivates you to optimize your potentials. Do it because you love it!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

  • Endure- Strength is born from enduring the tough moments. Being persistent is following our heart, our dreams and goals.  From endurance comes fortitude and resilience.  As we endure the hard training, early or late evening runs and all those tough moments in between of “fitting it all in” , we are rewarded with that feeling of accomplishment that is so freeing and empowering.  Endure the hard days, those times when we must find the strength to push ourselves when faced with challenges that test our will.  Believe in yourself and your ability to find strengths hidden deep within the uncomfortable moments of our lives.

“Craving for the top of the mountain is a feeling to yearn for, an endurance we learn from.”
Goitsemang Mvula

Happy New Year!  What will be next for you in  this new chapter!

I’m excited to continue to connecting and sharing in this journey of running and life!- MaineGirl2Runs