Running All the Miles

     Wow!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog!  Life happens,  well actually it’s called being a mom to a teen and teaching a new grade after 17 years!!  I’ve been running, teaching and tackling motherhood with a teen!  

      I’ve taught 10 years in 4th grade, 2 years in 5th grade and the last 5 years were in 3rd grade!  This year I was asked by my principal to move down to 1st grade! So much more prep and planning for little 1st graders who take longer like to carefully cut and paste everything! My little 1st graders are keeping me busy. Some days, I feel like I’ve already run my miles by just trying to stay one step ahead of energetic first graders! 


Mom of a Runner! 

     This fall has also found me on the other side of the start and finish line of racing!  I’ve been spectating my 14 year old daughter’s cross country races!  Most weeks there was a cross country meet on Wednesdays and Saturdays! My heart has swelled with pride as I’ve watched my daughter become a stronger and more confident runner.  It was just 3 years ago, that my Redhead could barely run a mile! Seeing my Redhead own her miles and tackle tough courses has been so rewarding! 

9th grade and first high school cross country season! Now onto indoor track!

Fall Racing Update!!   Read my original schedule Here!

  1. Ragnar Relays DC was an Amazing and Fun-Filled Adventure! Despite the cold, rainy and windy conditions, it was a weekened filled with running and great women!   I conquered my fear of running down dark, rural roads in western Maryland!  Ragnar Relays is definitely a team effort!   A weekend of running through all hours of the night, very little sleep and making new connections!  Much thanks to Lisa for being an Amazing team captain!     
    “Together We Ran 200 Miles”
  2. The Navy Airforce Half Marathon DC-This was one of those races that I needed! I was at a point in my running career where I felt like a sub 2 hour 13.1 miles was eluding me.  My last two half marathons o ER the year hadn’t been stellar.  I was beginning to become discouraged with running a strong half marathon.  This race was exactly what I needed to put me back into consistent higher mileage long runs! The course was flat and fast! For me, the temps were cool and cloudy! This was also my first ever DC road race!  
    Very happy with my sub 2-hour time of 1:55:31!
    Running has brought thus amazing lady and friend into my life!! Colleen-LiveFreeandRun, and me at the start of the Navy Airforce Half!
  3. DC Run10 Feed 10 Lower Potomac Ten Miler Runner’s World magazine called this “Maryland’s fastest and most beautiful ten-miler!  This is one of the most local races for my area!  It is organized and hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Run Club! Two years ago I ran 1:28:xx on this course. I decided to stick close to home on Sunday, October 11th and run this race again! Up to this point, I had already run Ragnar Relays DC and The Navy Airforce Half.  My mileage, strength, endurance and speed were strong! The whole time I was running, I really felt like my Garmin GPS watch was broken! The miles were flying by- I ended with a 10 mile PR and first place in my age group!   

And now onto November and wrapping up my fall races! 

     Currently, I’m hitting weekly mileage in the 28-30 mile range! My short runs are now 6 milers during the week! On the weekends I’ve been hitting ten milers! I’ve been pushing the pace at the longer distances and seeking out all the hills! 


Up Next! 

  • Annapolis Classic Half Marathon on November 21st

How’s everyone’s fall racing been going? Any PRs?  What are you loving most about fall running and racing? 

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