5 Benefits of Joining a Women’s Running Group


Sure, there are many days and weeks where I’m running solo.  It’s not always easy to coordinate schedules with other runners.  There are those runs where you just want to be alone, clear your mind and run. Running is one of those sports that can teeter on the fence of solo or group oriented.  However, I’ve come to appreciate opportunities to run with other women! Becoming an active member of a local women’s running group or club can have many positive benefits! 

  1. Motivation- Being part of a group can foster inspiration! It can be very rewarding to encourage others and be part of a network of support! 
  2. Accountability- Some days the weather isn’t quite right or I’m lacking the desire to get out the door for a run! Being a regular member of a running group can get you out the door on those days you would have skipped a run! Being part of a women’s running group can be supportive when in the midst of training for upcoming races! 
  3. New Ideas- Let’s be honest! Women love to chat! Women’s group runs are a great opportunity to share ideas and tips! I’ve learned so much while out running with other women! So many topics on motherhood, health and fitness have been discussed before, during and after group runs! It’s also a fun way to get involved with community running events! 
  4. Safety in Numbers- Honestly, some roads and trails are better to run on with a group! I’m lucky to live in a large neighborhood with many culdesacs, but only one entrance into the development. Venturing out onto main roads and trails is safer with a group. Running buddies can be another way for women runners to stay safe on the roads and trails.
  5. Build Friendships- Being an active member of a women’s run club or group can lead to lasting friendships.  The love of running, similar interests in health and fitness, can lead to developing strong and supportive friendships! 


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Links to finding a women’s running club or group in your area! 


I’ve recently joined my local, MRTT chapter! 

Are you an active member of a local women’s running group or club? What is one thing you enjoy about women’s running groups or clubs? 

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