Key Kitchen/Pantry Staples-Create Amazing Bowls and Meals



     My philosophy on healthy eating is all about having a well stocked fridge and pantry.  It’s all about focusing on local and seasonal ingredients to make meal planning easy and healthy! 

Pantry Must Haves:

  • Dried black beans
  • Dried black-eyed-peas
  • Dried Chick Peas {Garbanzo Beans}
  • Brown Basmatti rice
  • Quinoa
  • Robust, Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Walnut Oil
  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Sea Salt
  • Ground Cayenne pepper
  • Fresh garlic bulbs
  • Russet potatoes or a variety of fingerling potatoes
  • Lemon and Garlic Seasoning- bulk section at whole foods
  • Chimichurri seasoning-bulk section at Whole Foods

Fridge Staples:

  • Jarred Salsa
  • Fresh, local carrots
  • Local eggs
  • Local and Seasonal greens- kale, Swiss chard, spinach
  • Local tomatoes- best kept at room temperature on counter
  • Oranges and lemons


  • Flash Frozen, Sustainable, and Wild Caught Fish! From this Amazing Company –HERE
  • Frozen edamame 
  • Frozen green peas

Prep! Prep! Prep! 

  • Pre-soak, then cook various dried beans- store in 1 cup portions in quart size freezer bags
  • Cook 4 cups each of rice and quinoa, then store in 1 cup portions in quart size freezer bags
  • Peel, chop and cook 4-6 medium sweet potatoes and store 1/2 cup portions in quart size freezer bags
  • Rinse, peel and chop fresh carrots- store in containers
  • Store various, fresh and local greens in these containers- My Favorite Produce Containers found HERE

Easy Meals and Quick Bowls: 

So many variations on healthy bowls to create and mix and match!  

Sweet Potato, Kale, Swiss Chard , Black-eyed-Peas anc Brown Basmatti Rice Bowl

Quinoa, edamame, tomatoes and chopped garlic bowl
sauteed potatoes, green peas and chopped raw carrots on mixed lettuce with walnut oiland chopped garlic


scrambled eggs with brown rice, mixed greens, and sirracha sauce
quinoa with chick peas, sauteed garlic and shallots, spinach and orange zest
Sock-Eye Salmon with chimichurri seasoning over mixed greens and brown rice
chimichurri haddock with black beans, salsa and sour cream over brown rice
Sea Scallops Pan Seared in a lemon and garlic seasoning, served with mounds of avocado and brown rice

Any meal planning tips? How do you organize and prep to save time?

Be sure to check out the various fish packages from this company- HERE Omega 3s!! 

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