A New Decade {40th Birthday}:A Fresh Perspective on Life


     Life is funny sometimes, as young children we spend most of our lives wishing to grow up quickly.  Eager to leave the protective nest and explore the world.  Every year, celebrating a birthday and another milestone.  Every moment passing too quickly.  So many years of our lives spent trying to constantly “speed things up”! 

     Today, as I celebrate turning forty, I also sit and reflect.  Four decades of life lived, with all the crazy, curved roads, bumps and puddles to slosh through along the way.  Each decade in our lives is a reminder of new chapters beginning and finding new roads to travel. Every road isn’t perfect, but each bump and crack shapes us and makes us stronger. 

5 Key Perspectives for This Next Decade of Life: 

  1. Life Lessons: Remember to run through the grass barefoot, know that it’s still perfectly alright to play in the rain and that our lives are chapters; each new page waiting to be written- Only we can control what is written.
  2. Just “Be Me”: With age comes wisdom, Don’t try to squeeze yourself into some preconceived mold, embrace who you are and the moment you’re in right now.
  3. Health and Fitness Matter: It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy.  Focus on eating pure, whole foods and creating a strong, healthy body from the inside-out. 
  4. More “Me Time”: Life is busy- we take on many roles, but we must remember to be good to ourselves. Find what you love, grow your passion for what motivates and makes “you feel good.”  Running brings me confidence, clarity and time for reflection. 
  5. Reach for More: Take a risk on a new idea, be brave-believe in yourself, and dare to dream. Push the limits- you may just surprise yourself and exceed your own limitations! 

How do you celebrate each new year, decade?  Any words of wisdom or insight? 

April 29th, 2015 -Blessed to celebrate my 40th birthday with my Redhead!


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