Winter Snow and Running Lately

Last Monday, Southern Maryland finally received some substantial snow!
Last Monday, Southern Maryland finally received some substantial snow!

A Few Words on How I’m Feeling Right Now:

Love the Skin Your in Now,
The Joy of Playing outside,
Exploring nature, at any age,
Fresh, natural exercise,
Pure joy in life, nature,
The quiet place, never losing sight of the simple beauty around you,
Soaking up the surrounding beauty, in its simplest, yet inspiring form

Winter: Cold Snowflakes on My Face. Loving Every Moment.
Winter: Cold Snowflakes on My Face. Loving Every Moment.

There is a fresh, raw beauty to a landscape covered in fresh, fallen snow.  Magical forests and trails waiting to be explored.  I wait through southern Maryland’s long spring, hot summers and mild autumns, for winter to arrive.  Perhaps it my cherished childhood memories of snowy Maine and upstate New York winters, but I cherish those cold, snowy winter runs.  As I run through the snow covered roads, I turn to see my footsteps left behind.

Footprints left behind in the snow.
Footprints left behind in the snow.

I soaked up every tiny snowflake that fell last week.  I spent time outside running and playing, hiking and romping through the snow.  The cold fresh air and snow covered trees were energizing.  I’m obviously not a “warm weather” girl.  I love so much about winter and perhaps I cherish it just a bit more now, here, because winter doesn’t last long.  Running through cold, snowy winters can be embraced with a sense of adventure and a certain sense of peace and clarity that only vast white snowy landscapes can provide.

Enjoy a Snowy Run through the Woods with my Golden Retriever.
Enjoy a Snowy Run through the Woods with my Golden Retriever.


Total Running mileage last week: 15 miles! 

Last week’s snow storm brought several snow days!  Snow days meant extra time to run outside, catch up on school work and read books! I’m currently reading Lone Wolf by Jody Picoult, she’s an author from New Hampshire!   Another book I’m about to delve into is Blog Inc, by Joy Deangdeelert Cho. A bit more info on this blogging book can be found HERE{Joy}. And a good bottle of wine to go with those snowdays isn’t too bad! Slack winery-Slack Tide Blanc is a crisp, light white wine with refreshing hints of citrus! Okay! I’m really no wine connoisseur! 

SnowDays: Wine and Reading!
SnowDays: Wine and Reading!

Anyone else enjoy winter snow? I know my Northeast/New England friends might not be loving winter anymore. Share your current book or favorite bottle of wine! 

This Is How I Zooma-Zooma Run Annapolis

Way back. . . in the late spring of 2012, I ran my first Zooma Run Annapolis Race. I truly loved the fun, positive, and energized atmosphere of the race! Women from near and far, of varying paces, had come to run-together. From start to finish, women cheered each other through the miles. Weeks of training all came together for so many women. Really, Zooma Run women’s racing is about celebrating the strength and power of a healthy lifestyle!

First Ever Zooma Run Race 2012!
First Ever Zooma Run Race 2012!

1. The Amazing, “Kick Off” Training Meet Up and Fun Run
Saturday, March 7th, 2015 at Charm City Run Annapolis store-An awesome partner with Zooma Run! More info HERE!

2. A network of support and opportunities for lifelong friendships
Zooma Run connected me with three Awesome Running/Blogger Friends!
Colleen, Lisa, and Natalie

3. Gorgeous, scenic and bustling location for a Race-Cation Weekend!
A historic, downtown Annapolis location and the majestic Naval Academy
Plan your weekend getaway HERE with these ATTRACTIONS

4. Sweet Swag Bag from Worthy Business/Brands
Visit the Zooma Run Annapolis site HERE for more information!

5. Spectacular Race-Cation weekend! Friday and Saturday, maybe even into Sunday morning!
Spend Friday night at the Loews Annapolis Hotel, enjoy Honest Tea Mocktails and shop specialty running vendors- make hotel reservations HERE and use CODE ZOO526 for room discounts!

This coming May, I will join the incredible Zooma Run Annapolis 10k and half marathon runners for the 4th time!! I have a special love for this race series! Check out the great tech tops and other gear that I’ve collected from Zooma Run over the past four years!

Zooma Run Gear! Hat, water bottle and quality tech tees!
Zooma Run Gear! Hat, water bottle and quality tech tees!


  • Race to the finish line and enjoy-a swag bag, Barefoot Wine, live music, foam rolling, boxed lunch and massages! 
  •  Join me, Saturday March 7th at Charm City Run Annapolis store for the Training Kick Off Meet -Up and Fun Run!
  • Race-Cation Weekend- 10k or Half Marathon, Saturday May 30th 2015 in Annapolis!
  • Use Code KARA15 for 10% off race registration! DETAILS Zooma Run Annapolis Registration

The Stories Behind Each Race

Journaling and Mapping Out My Races
Journaling and Mapping Out My Races

This past week, I finally decided on my spring, summer and fall race calendar for 2015. My goal with this race schedule is to focus on quality over quantity. This past fall of 2014, I finished a long marathon training cycle. This was my first time training through the spring and summer for a full marathon. It was my first marathon. I felt okay through most of the training cycle, but my aches and pains caught up with me in November and December.

Fast forward, here I am now, on the road to 100% recovered from a yucky bout of achilles tenonitis. I finally found an awesome sports chiropractor, an hour and a half way, that is doing twice weekly sessions of Graston and ART on my achilles! Yay!! Just wish I had found this awesome doc sooner! I’m really using the rest of February to keep my weekly mileage around 12 to 15 miles per week.

So, I’ve been cautious with building my race calendar. I didn’t want to jump into a bunch of races, while not being fully prepared. I also, chose my races because of location and personal connections to each race. I tend to Run with My Heart. I have an unwavering love for the Northeast and New England races! These races will usher in my 40th Birthday year, April 29th, 2015!


1. Zooma Annapolis
This will be the fourth year in a row that I’ve raced with the Women’s Running series, Zooma. I love the scenic “raceCations” that these races create. Zooma Annapolis has a gorgeous, somewhat hilly course for the 10k and half marathon from the Naval Academy stadium through historic, downtown Annapolis. The race weekend begins on a Friday night with running vendors to peruse, mocktails and fun meet up time with other runners! Race day concludes with gorgeous finisher medals, yoga, foam rolling, lunch, music and Wine! This year, I’m honored to be a Zooma Annapolis Ambassador! Come join me for this beautiful, fun race on Saturday, May 30th, at 7:00am in Annapolis, Maryland! 10 % off race registration USE- CODE KARA15 Register Here!

2. LlBean 4th of July 10k
By now, if you’ve read my blog, bio, and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, then you know-I’m from Maine! Yup! Maine has my heart! This July 4th race is the perfect way to begin celebrating the 4th in Maine! Two years ago, it was a bit hilly and humid, but so much fun! Running through the “heart” of downtown Freeport! The finish line is on Main Street in front of the iconic Llbean Boot! After the race, stay for the Freeport July 4th Parade!

3. Beach 2 Beacon 10k
There’s something about racing towards PortlandHeadlight Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine that is just magical and breathtaking! Registration opens on March 13th, at 7:00am Sharp, for everyone! If I’m fast with typing, then this will be my fourth year in a row racing this gorgeous 10k in my former home state!


4. Zooma Run Cape Cod Yup! I love this Women’s Race series! This seaside location in beautiful North Falmouth, Massachusetts has everything for a fun RaceCation! This will be my second Zooma Run Cape Cod 13.1!! The Host resort hotel is on the beach!! I loved relaxing on the beach and soaking in the salty ocean water after racing! USE CODE ANGELA15 for 10% off race registration!

5. Navy-Air Force Half Marathon Well, I think this will be my First Ever, road race through history-filled Washington, DC! I’m looking forward to this local race! It’s only about an hour and a half from me, in southern Maryland! This race is actually the weekend prior to Zooma Cape Cod! Wow, two half marathons a week apart! My friend Colleen, from Live Free and Run is a race ambassador! Registration opens February 2nd for Lowest Price! Use Code COLLEEN for a referral:)

6. Washington DC Ragnar Relay A “Bucket List” race! I have always wanted to be part of a Ragnar Relay team and race through towns, open roads and experience the adventure! This two-day event is held on October 2nd and 3rd, 2015! I’m excited to run with another amazing friend and runner, Lisa, from Lisa Runs For Cupcakes Its going to be a challenging, team oriented, exciting race!

So, there it is, my 2015 race calendar! Each race reflects a little bit of me and why I choose these races!

What’s the story behind your race calendar? How do you decide on races each year?