Winter Running: My Favorite Layers and Gear

Last Wednesday, southern Maryland temperatures were hovering around 28 degrees. Schools were closed due to icy conditions and an inch or two of snow in the ground.

So, . . . what’s a teacher doing on a snow day? Running of course! I happily pulled on my new winter running gear! 4.5 beautiful miles and I was toasty warm!


Winter Running is my favorite season! I love the cold temperatures and snowy backdrops! Wearing the right layers and material can make winter running really enjoyable!

Favorite Winter Running Gear
Favorite Winter Running Gear

Having the layers to keep me warm and comfortable keeps me Motivated to Run during the Cold Winter Months! 

  • Blue Under Armour Cold Gear Long Sleeve
  • Lucy Active Wear “Run Your Heart Out” Long Sleeve
  • Lucy Active WearWinter Warrior Tight
  • Balega Wool Crew Socks or Swift Wick Wool Crew Socks
  • {The SwiftWick Pursuit Two socks are compression and made with merino wool}
  • Lucy Active Wear Gloves
  • Under Armour Purple Beanie

I purchase moisture wicking layers that have a mix of material conducive to keeping in the warmth during cold winter runs.  A base layer with merino wool is ideal! Look for a mix of synthetic material, including polyester and Lycra. Cotton material will not wick away moisture and keep you warm.

**Stand By Winter Running Layers for When It’s Really Cold**

  • Lululemon long sleeve “Run For Gold” 
  • Brooks Purple Thermal Zip Up Hoodie
  • Lululemon Black Wide Hooded Jacket
Brooks Purple Thermal Hoodie and Lululemon Zip Up Jacket
Brooks Purple Thermal Hoodie and Lululemon Zip Up Jacket

How Do You Layer and Keep Warm During Winter Running Season? What keeps you motivated to run outside during cold winter months? 

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