Workout Recap, Back to School and Meal Planning

Two weeks off for winter break! These last two weeks at home were exactly what I needed to recharge and refocus for the second half of the school year!  Days and weeks were spent lounging around the house, traveling to visit family, and running.  I simply enjoyed having no routine and tons of unscheduled time to just live and breath in the moments.  I must admit, I quickly forgot the days on the calendar!

Now, I’m quickly being ushered back to reality on a gust of cold wind! Monday will be here in just a few short hours and it’s back to school!  Weekly meal planning on Sundays really helps the school week run smoothly.  A little prep and cooking on Sunday, allows for healthy, unprocessed, homecooked meals all week! My week days are busy with teaching, my eighth grade daughter’s afterschool commitments, and fitting in workouts!

I love linking up with these three amazing women who inspire a healthy lifestyle!  Check out the blogs of Happy Fit Mama, Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers! They do Weekly Workout Recaps and Meal Planning every Sunday! It’s great to share delicious and healthy recipe ideas!

Weekly Meal Plan Outline!  


  • Breakfast is simple each morning: eggs, fruit, a cheese stick with crackers or granola with yogurt!

Lunch: My Fridge is Stocked with the following Each Week:

  • Precooked brown rice, gluten free couscous or quinoa
  • Seasonal vegetables-some raw or roasted
  • Two types of hummus, either homemade or store bought
  • Precooked lentils, chick peas or black beans { a variety of dried beans can be soaked, cooked and then frozen in small portions inside freezer quart size bags}
  • {These items allow me to toss together “quick lunch bowls”! }


Sunday: Roast Beef Minestrone

Monday: Leftover Roast Beef Minestrone

Tuesday: Chopped Brussel Sprouts and Shitake Mushrooms sauteed with garlic and shallots, then simmered with

Black Eyed Peasimage

Wednesday: Chicken Tacos

Thursday: Chick Pea Pesto Tomato Soup- Runner’s World Cookbook

Friday: Scrambled Eggs with Hashbrowns

Workouts and Running: A Good, Strong Week!

So now that I’m using this journalto track my workouts, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this past week was my strongest and most consistent week in a while! I’d been battling some achilles tendonitis since early November!  I am doing really well right now with running three times a week and incorporating weights, core and strength training!

Monday: Walked the mall- 3 miles

Tuesday: Rest, chiropractor and ultrasound therapy

Wednesday: Run- 3 miles

Thursday {Happy New Year}: Run-4 miles

Friday/Saturday: Rest! A little Ab workout

Sunday: RunTastic Abs Workout, TheraBand workout for glutes/hips and a Run {Ran 5 miles}

What Delicious Recipes are on Your Weekly Menu? Do you keep a journal? 



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